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Why Wholly Good Exists

Wholly Good exists to help people connect with their whole selves in a way that assists with their spiritual, personal, and physical growth. 

Why "Wholly Good?"

I believe that God created us (including our bodies!) as good. This means that as people created in the Image of God we are living most fully into who we were created to be when we are living fully in our bodies as we tend to our spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is a whole person practice - mind, body, and spirit. Thus, “Wholly Good!”


In Western Christian culture we have a tendency to focus on learning with our minds and ignoring the other aspects of who we are as we work on growing ourselves and our spirituality. In addition to this, we are also often told that our bodies are sinful or evil - working against us in our pursuit of living faithful lives. 

Well, let me tell you, this is a lie! God created us as good and it is the brokenness of the world that brings about the negative - things like cancer, eating disorders, body shaming, chronic pain, and other illnesses or signs of brokenness are not what God intended. Unfortunately these things hurt our own perceptions of ourselves as being made good. This is why WG exist! To assist those on their journey to seeing themselves and their bodies as good through spiritual formation and wellness practices, and to help people live fully into who they were created to be; in mind, body, and spirit! 

My Hope for Wholly Good

My hope for this ministry is that it will help others connect more fully with themselves and with God through spiritual formation and wellness practices; moving from solely focusing on the development of our minds or seeing our bodies as broken and evil, to seeing them as formed in the image of God and developing our whole selves as we live into who God has created us to be.

Who is This For? 

Wholly Good exists for any person who wants to grow spiritually or is curious about what it means to honor our bodies as good. Old, young, male, female, non-binary, college student, or business person - you are welcome here!


Katelyn Hargrave



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