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Wholly Good provides a variety of avenues to pursue spiritual wellness. From meditative practices, journal prompts, wellness retreats, one on one spiritual direction, and more.

Let's help you find the opportunities that will best help you grow spiritually as you attend to your whole person wellness. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Spend 30-45 minutes discussing your hopes for spiritual growth and how Wholly Good may be able to journey with you. This can serve as a one time consultation or as an introductory consultation in preparation for future sessions together. 

Initial Consultation


Spend 30 minutes sharing with Katelyn about your hopes for your own spiritual formation and receive guidance on spiritual practices that may help you in your journey. This can be booked one time, or can be scheduled as a regularly recurring meeting.

Spiritual Practice

Image by Alexis Brown

Want to schedule a day or weekend retreat for you and some friends with Wholly Good? Or want to have WG lead a 6 week course with your congregation or small group? Work with Katelyn to create the perfect Spiritual Formation Retreat for you or set up a class tailored to your group! These can be in person or virtual.

Retreat or Class Request

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